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Discussing Great Lakes Aviation

July Passenger Statistics

July brought another healthy gain in passenger traffic by 9.9% to 15,924 through Toledo Express.  June would’ve seen a decent gain had it not been for American Airlines operated by Envoy canceling so many flights while July resutled in only one cancellation and the passenger traffic reflects it.  American Airlines passenger traffic through TOL was…
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A TOL Master Plan…of sorts

It wasn’t that long ago that families would take an evening to head out to a dirt and stone patch along either Airport Highway or Eber Road. There they would observe the evening batch of flights that would move through Toledo Express. Observers would see a variety of aircraft from a Comair CRJ to a…
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April 2014 Passenger Statistics

Aided by a late Easter holiday and late spring break season, April 2014 passenger statistics increased by another impressive margin.  Total passengers through Toledo Express rose 17.9% over April 2013 to 19,467, besting the usually heavy travel month of March 2014.  Allegiant Air handled 12,744 for an increase of 32.9% over April 2013 and American operated…
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March 2014 Passenger Statistics

March 2014 passenger growth continued the upward momentum, albeit at a much slower pace than the previous months.  With PGD in the mix for over a year now, the rapid upward growth will now be fairly minimal after April.  Allegiant has switched over to A320s on the Orlando and Tampa/St. Pete flights which is a…
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February 2014 Passenger Statistics

February 2014 again saw a substantial increase in passenger volume by 20.3%.  The bulk of the increase came from Allegiant which had an increase of 31.6%.  This can be attributed to PGD and also an increase in seats from utilizing 176 seat A320 aircraft on the SFB and PIE routes.  Allegiant saw an increase in…
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November 2013 Passenger Statistics

    Allegiant Air Month  Available Seats  Enplanements Load Factor  Deplanements Load Factor  Total Passengers January                3,058               2,629 86%               2,504 82%                       5,133 February                3,192               3,092 97%               2,795 88%                       5,887 March                6,908               6,656 96%               5,988 87%                     12,644 April                5,436               4,218 78%              …
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