May 2013 Passenger Statistics

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May 2013 Passenger Statistics

May 2013 passenger statistics came out much higher than expectations.  With a total of 15,280 passengers through the gates at Toledo Express, this was a whopping 26% increase over May 2012.  The difference – Allegiant Air’s increase in seating capacity on the MD80 aircraft to 166 total seats and their addition of Punta Gorda.  Allegiant Air saw an increase in passenger traffic of 66% to 8,051 on and off of their airplanes.  American Airlines operated by American Connection/Chautauqua Airlines saw a slight decrease of 4% to 6,922.

Overall, May 2013 was a great month for passenger traffic through Toledo Express Airport.  With an increase in passenger traffic comes an increase in passenger revenue which should help the financials of the airport terminal.  We, at the NWOAC, are predicting somewhere in the neighborhood of a 15% to 20% increase in passenger traffic for the remainder of the year.  Again, this can be attributed to the increase in passenger seating in Allegiant’s aircraft and the very popular destination of Punta Gorda.  While Allegiant takes a hiatus in late August and September, they return in October with both Tampa/St. Pete and Punta Gorda with Orlando returning in November.  This is nothing new, as they have done this the past several years.  American’s schedule is not out yet, so we have not determined the impact they will have.

The numbers as posted:

Allegiant Air
Passengers Enplaned: 3896 LF: 88%
Passengers Deplaned: 4155 LF: 93%
Total Passengers: 8051
Change over 2012: 66.1%

American Airlines operated by American Connection
Passengers Enplaned: 3489 LF: 67%
Passengers Deplaned: 3433 LF: 66%
Total Passengers: 6922
Change over 2012: -4.3%

Total Airport Passengers
Passengers Enplaned: 7475 LF: 77%
Passengers Deplaned: 7805 LF: 80%
Total Passengers: 15,280
Change over 2012: 26.5%