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Envoy Air (American) Hiring at Toledo!

Envoy Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary and part of the American Airlines Group, is hiring at Toledo Express to increase its staff following the announcement of new service to Charlotte. The airline is hiring multiple people to fill the role of Station Agent which handles both ticket and gate counter customer service as well as aircraft ramp…
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Tronair Will Lease Majority of Former BAX Facility

Over the last month, lease discusses were under way to relocate Eber Road-based Tronair to the former BAX Global sorting building. Previously disclosed to FlyTOL is that this will allow Tronair to expand its operations and add an additional 100 jobs, doubling the current workforce. The move to Air Cargo Parkway will bring more than…
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Announcement Concerning Former BAX Facility

News is forthcoming at the monthly Port Authority meeting on Thursday March 23, 2017 about a new tenant on the ground of Toledo Express. This news involves the future of the former BAX Global facility at 1 Air Cargo Parkway. The Port Authority board will be presented with a lease agreement to approve at the…
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The New FlyTOL

Welcome to the new website. We’ve made a lot of improvements here lately. New server. New Software. We aren’t stopping there though. We will expand our coverage of news taking place that concerns aviation in Toledo and the surrounding regions. If you have suggestions or tips for content to post here, please let us…
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July Passenger Statistics

July brought another healthy gain in passenger traffic by 9.9% to 15,924 through Toledo Express.  June would’ve seen a decent gain had it not been for American Airlines operated by Envoy canceling so many flights while July resutled in only one cancellation and the passenger traffic reflects it.  American Airlines passenger traffic through TOL was…
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A TOL Master Plan…of sorts

It wasn’t that long ago that families would take an evening to head out to a dirt and stone patch along either Airport Highway or Eber Road. There they would observe the evening batch of flights that would move through Toledo Express. Observers would see a variety of aircraft from a Comair CRJ to a…
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