February 2013 Passenger Statistics

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February 2013 Passenger Statistics


February brought mixed news when it came to the performance of the airport. The biggest impact on February 2013’s numbers is the absence of Direct Air (which collapsed) this year compared to last. ¬†American also witnessed some softening compared to last year. Allegiant however noticed a significant boost in traffic over last year, thanks to the start of PGD service.




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Allegiant Air
Passengers Enplaned: 3092 LF: 97%
Passengers Deplaned: 2795 LF: 88%
Total Passengers: 5887
Change over 2012: 25.4%

American Airlines operated by American Connection
Passengers Enplaned: 2796 LF: 60%
Passengers Deplaned: 2785 LF: 60%
Total Passengers: 5581
Change over 2012: -10.5%

Total Airport Passengers
Passengers Enplaned: 6059 LF: 75%
Passengers Deplaned: 5751 LF: 72%
Total Passengers: 11,810
Change over 2012: -13.2%

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